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rejaur rahman

I live and breathe being a front-end web developer.

About Myself

People also know me as ronny.

labor omnia vincit is latin phrase written which means hardwork conquers all which I truly believe and follow in every day to day activities.

This has helped me build my repertoire and progress as Front End Web Developer.

By gaining over + years commercial experience I have always shown to be a enthusiastic Developer with the eagerness to improve my current skillset, as well as going outside my comfort zone and finding solutions for problems rather than waiting around or giving up.

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Education Timeline

Experience History

commercial experience

I have over Experience within Website Development Field.

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front end developer

jun 2019 - current
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive Web Design
  • SASS
  • jQuery
  • GulpJS
  • Gatsby.JS
  • JavaScript
  • AJAX
  • Webpack
  • WordPress
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

Working in a large dev team to refactor the codebase on legacy coded projects to modern technology.

Exposure to working with VWO and SiteSpect which is an A/B testing and conversion optimization tool.

Always analyzing and trying to improve the website performance and help maintain the company’s site-speed goal of under 2 seconds on a 3G mobile network.

In the Companies 2020 virtual work conference I did a live presentation on challenges of a developer's life to over 100 colleague’s.

Given exposure to working with modern technologies including Gatsby.JS (React JS Framework), GraphQL, Strapi.io CMS and TypeScript whilst working on replacing an existing legacy based website.

Whilst working at Itech Media I have become comfortable working with Docker and gained a better understanding of AWS.

Working and at times managing external developer contractors has helped me improve my leadership skills.

Contributing and at times managing code reviews whilst maintaining front-end coding standards.

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front end developer

jan 2017 - may 2019
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive Web Design
  • SASS
  • Foundation
  • Bootstrap
  • Bulma
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • GulpJS
  • AJAX
  • Webpack
  • Vue.JS

Given the exposure to work with Vue.JS on client projects which is a JavaScript framework for building interfaces.

Improved my debugging skills as developer when testing on cross multiple browser platforms especially on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Able to improve my core JavaScript skills which I believe is helping me with learning modern JavaScript frameworks.

Worked on Google Event Tracking analytics on Economist client-based projects by writing scripts to track user interactions with clicking any buttons as metadata information across all pages.

Supported apprentice Developers to settle in the working environment when they needed assistance with work.

Acquired better understanding and know-how of the creativity and transition of website build so it is visually more appealing.

Collaborated with Web Design studio team constantly when building a project and further enhanced my PhotoShop skills.

Become more comfortable with using terminal window for populating and running Bitbucket project repositories.

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front end developer

apr 2016 - nov 2016
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive Web Design
  • SASS
  • GulpJS
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

Support the Front End Developer Team Leader at all times when tasks were allocated by project Management.

Been able to put in to practice good time management and work under very tight deadlines in an agile environment.

Able to improve my use and knowledge of current skillset including SASS and jQuery.

Worked with Project Management team when transforming Photoshop web designs into Bootstrap sites and sometimes without the use of CSS Framework platform.

Given the opportunity to work outside my comfort zone when mixing front end work with ColdFusion language, which has improved my problem solving skills.

Added value to the ColdFusion team when I had to create dynamically rendered ColdFusion website design for potential new client through Front End Technology and MuraCMS.

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front end developer

jun 2015 - feb 2016
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive Web Design
  • SASS
  • jQuery
  • GulpJS
  • Umbraco
  • Bootstrap
  • GruntJS

Gave in-house training to client on using there Website CMS.

Creating client compliant email campaigns.

Transforming PhotoShop Designs to Front End HTML5 structure using Bootstrap grid framework.

Supported the external networking specialist with migrating web servers.

Maintaining over 40+ websites ranging from C# 2.0 - C# 4.5, built on Bespoke or Umbraco CMS.

Introduced source code management in the company through Bitbucket.

Undertaking cross-browser testing across desktops and mobile devices.

Liaising with clients during design/development stage to discuss their needs and apply changes according to feedback given.

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junior web developer

dec 2014 - may 2015
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript
  • Umbraco

Support development and maintain the company websites locally and on Umbraco CMS Platform.

Collaborate with the marketing department by completing web development requests on updating existing websites through Helpdesk Advance Software.

Restyled the website and employ design practice for new content layout using HTML5, CSS3 concepts and Responsive Web Design whilst cleaning up pages with cluttered legacy codes and coding inconsistencies.

Improved the FAQ pages by using JavaScript to create accordion tabs which allows users to show and hide content, accordingly.

Identified and highlighted redundant styling used on website so that CSS can be moved to one single file.

Updated Meta tags for pages improved whilst following SEO principles so that the page ranking improves and the Meta tags gives more value to the page.

Update files on the local repository using TortoiseSVN, which is subversion control software.

I was in charge of Google Tag Manager where I would create tags which would fire scripts on all pages for web analytics.


other experience

I have over 4+ years experience working in retail environment where I enhanced my communication skills.

Argos Logo

customer advisor

mar 2011 - feb 2015

Taken opportunities to lead the stockroom team under pressure situations when customer orders are delayed and ensure a fast service is delivered.

Able to deliver and maintain high standards when stock deliveries are put away within the time allocated whilst organising the product shelf's to the stores standards.

Communicating and assisting with customers at all times on the sales floor area by resolving any product issues/enquiries.

When working on the tills or on the shop floor I have constantly helped customers with providing fitting solutions to problems when their first choice product is not available and advise potential stock alternatives.

I have been able build on my flexibility at Argos with the voice recognition system which allows me to perform multiple tasks whilst picking customer orders. The other tasks which I undertake on a daily basis with the voice recognition system include; voicing away returns, sending damaged goods and excess products back to the warehouse.

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marketing intern for data qualification project

jun 2014 - aug 2014

Throughout the internship I have been proactive, which resulted in completing two data cleansing projects on the CRM.

Taken a target-driven approach and achieved data cleansing and updating 4,224 clients on CRM who had email addresses which bounced back assigned within 10 weeks.

The next project I successfully data cleansed and updated 2,864 clients data on the CRM who had no email address assigned within the last 2 weeks of the placement.

Improved the Data Qualification Procedure document so that it demonstrates all the elements involved in the role and presented the changes to the Marketing Team Leader.

Able to improve my technique when making verbal communication which resulted in obtaining clients email address or a potential client an Engineer can follow up on.

Been supportive to the Marketing and Admin team when possible, by completing small tasks delegated to myself whilst working on the two project assigned with the internship.

Researched and created an SEO report, which can be used to improve the companies visibility and ranking on search engines.


Technical Palette

Projects Showcase

All projects have been created by myself for educational purposes.

facere shopping album
Facere Shopping Album Project Cover

React JS shopping to-do list project

aquatic bowl museum
Aquatic Bowl Museum Project Cover

Vue.JS project

email newsletter
Bugatti Project Cover

Responsive email project

roots restaurant
Roots Restaurant Project Cover

Soon to be WordPress ecommerce project

vanilla beats
Vanilla Beats Project Cover

Soon to be Gatsby.JS and Netlify CMS project


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Get In Touch

If you need to get in contact with me, you can email me at rejaur-rahman@hotmail.co.uk.

Other ways to contact me are mentioned below:


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Based in Enfield Island Village, London ... Shown on this section

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